WOLF Like Exploring…

Taking it to  the EXTREME a bit BUT my Dogs have inspired me in so many ways so it’s only natural! I have found many of the areas we Adventure to are so rich in History which peaked my intrest. You see as we ride a lot of these trails I like to envision what life might have been like back in the days these trail were designed (many are old railroad and canal lanes). So as we would see old structures and remnants of earlier days I took an interest. As I further yearned for information about these areas I was able to colloborate with a paranormal investigator. I know it sounds a bit strange but this has actually developed into a part of our Adventures. Now, I don’t take the Dogs into any structures or through any remnants but they are with me when we Discover potential areas to investigate. If you’ll notice I have a team that accompanies me on many of my Adventures and you’ll also see many of the DogPowered Go-Carts we MUSH the Dogs on are 2 seater. Yes, I usually have aco-pilot and on these Paranormal History Hunting expediations my coPilot will accomany the Dogs while me and the rest of my team investigate. Quite intresting to see the least an appropriately named WereWOOFS! For so much more abot WereWOOFS CLICK HERE

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