Training Ideas and Ways Like You Have Never Seen Before!

What looks like fighting is actually a healthy socialization between 2 ofmy Huskies Jag & Chase

WOOFWOLF is about living life with Dog breeds that are more like their ancestors the Wolves than other breeds that are what you might call a little more domesticated and therfore readlily trainable. In this instance I’m referring more to the Northern Breeds especially the Husky. These Dogs are very rugged and very prey driven. This combination can be problematic for those that are not familliar with these breeds. Through my life and studies of sharing a successful life with these type Dogs I will describe here of how I do it and how you to can lead a most incredible life with a Dog of Wolf Like Means..

I am Free-Ranging my Dogs as they are in their elemnt in the cold snow. As you will see under the Balance Their Drive heading these dogs need to RUN and I pride myself on finding ways to let them engage their ALL. This means I have researched and even custom built vehicles that can navigate terrain that the Dogs want to go as well as achieve speeds to allow me to kkep up with them and even go faster than them to encorage sprinting and racing. The cover photo is a snoRunner a bike size snow mobile actually built by Chrysler (yes the car comapny) in the 1980s quite a story….CLICK HERE for MORE

Not only for proper physical stimualtion but just as important if not more they need psycological stimulation. This is done by appealing to thier instintual drive. I do it in 3 ways. I call it my 3RS.  This stands for RuFF Them which means work them by doing work that again that they instintually take to like I do…

  • Urban MUSHing aka FurWheeling- tethered to a bike or sled like vehicle designed for them to pull or run with for long runs…CLICK HERE for more about Urban MUSHing
  • Lure Coursing akaThe Mazing Chase – a field of usually 3 plus acres with a pulley system that has a string with a flag or even a toy rides on for the Dog to chase..some Dogs can reach 40 MPH so this equipment is designed to run at these speeds. This is work for prey driven Dogs that will engage it. One of my Huskies can do over 12 miles chasing the flag…For more CLICK HERE

For the Next R which stands for RUN Them I do an activity I call Free-Ranging. This is off leash Roaming and Running. Since they are not contained by any physical boundaries they need to speciifically trained for Recall (come back to you on command). Since these breeds again are Wolf Like and independent this is the hardest but most importnat command to teach. For MORE about Free-Ranging CLICK HERE

The last R stands for REST. A properly engaged Dog (physically and mentally stimualted) will be ready for some important  REST time. In addition this will curb unwanted behaviors and make training easier as they say “A tired Dog is a GOOD Dog! For More about RELAXATION for Dogs CLICK HERE

Taking it to  the EXTREME a bit BUT my Dogs have inspired me in so many ways so it’s only natural! I have found many of the areas we Adventure to are so rich in History which peaked my intrest. You see as we ride a lot of these trails I like to envision what life might have been like back in the days these trail were designed (many are old railroad and canal lanes). So as we would see old structures and remnants of earlier days I took an interest. As I further yearned for information about these areas I was able to colloborate with a paranormal investigator. I know it sounds a bit strange but this has actually developed into a part of our Adventures. Now, I don’t take the Dogs into any structures or through any remnants but they are with me when we Discover potential areas to investigate. If you’ll notice I have a team that accompanies me on many of my Adventures and you’ll also see many of the DogPowered Go-Carts we MUSH the Dogs on are 2 seater. Yes, I usually have aco-pilot and on these Paranormal History Hunting expediations my coPilot will accomany the Dogs while me and the rest of my team investigate. Quite intresting to see the least an appropriately named WereWOOFS! For so much more abot WereWOOFS CLICK HERE

This is my graphic represeting my Training Aspect called AXIS of Tactics. AXIS of Tactics describes 2 of the most important elements for Training a Dog and achieving Balance! You see there is no reasoning or maybe’s when a Dog responds. It’s either Yes or No hence the Check Mark & The X Mark. These are instinctual actions that occur through either Fear (?) or Courage (!). Training on these principles and understandings without emotions by appealing to their instinct will yield desirable and timely results. CLICK HERE for some quick Training Pointers

Based on my traing system and principles I have written these songs for an easier way to understand some of my system. I call this WolFManChi for Wolf Like Dog and Mankind Bond and Understnading. For the Lyrics to these songs CLICK HERE

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